Best Infant Sleeper Why Need for Your Baby

Having a newborn baby is a pleasure and joy. However, your baby needs to be comfortable when sleeping. Remember that newborn babies usually sleep more than 16 hours in a single day. During those sleepy hours, your baby must be safe with best infant sleeper.

When choosing the best infant sleeper?

When choosing the best infant sleeper for your baby make sure you choose the one that will meet all the needs. An infant sleeper for your baby can be expensive or cheap. We all know that babies cost money, but making the best decision will ensure a comfortable sleep for your baby. Best infant sleepers will preserve your child stability when sleeping.

Only the parents know their baby well. Let us look at the best infant sleeper.


This infant sleeper has been designed for newborn babies. It offers your baby more stability and comfort in your bed. It is soft and safe for your baby. With it, you will have no worries. Also, BABYBJORN Cradle will provide a protective space for your newborn as well as good circulation of sound, air, and light. In fact, it offers soothing to sleep to your child.Best Infant Sleeper

Do you want to keep your baby protected and close? All you need is this product. It is an ultimate dream machine for your child. Besides that, it features a playtime and a sleeper combined. Nothing makes your baby comfortable than having a good sleep.

Let us look why BABYBJORN Cradle is regarded to be of quality:


The best thing about this infant sleeper is safety. Your child needs to be safe during the time of sleep. This defines its quality in your eyes as a parent. It is known to be the safest bassinet sleeper on the market. Here are the reasons why:

Best baby sleepers icon Stable and nice wide base. It has been designed to provide a nice wide base hence stability.

Best baby sleepers icon Mesh slides. Each side is 100percent mesh, meaning that the product is breathable

Best baby sleepers icon Good mattresses with zero gaps hence safe.

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It is very easy and simple to move the BABYBJORN Cradle. This is because this infant sleeper has a weight of 13lbs. This makes it simple for you to move it around the room free and from one room to another if necessary. In fact, this infant sleeper is the lightest sleeper you will ever find in the market. Other reasons include:

best infant sleeper

Best baby sleepers icon Has an easy setup.

Best baby sleepers icon Simple to take it apart and put it back together.

Best baby sleepers icon Easy to flatten it by removing two screws.

Favorable size

In every infant sleeper for you baby, size is an important factor that every parent must consider. This depends on your intended use. The BABYBJORN Cradle is easy and light to carry. You can move it together with your baby from inside to outside of the house without problems.

Also, if you want to set it in your bedroom, choose it because of:

Best baby sleepers icon Small in size

Best baby sleepers icon Can fit comfortably

Best baby sleepers icon portable

Sounds and lights

The best infant sleeper should provide favorable lights and sound to your child. This is fun to them. The BABYBJORN Cradle comes with an in-built functionality to:

Best baby sleepers icon Make sounds that are suitable for babies. Such sounds make it easy for a baby to sleep.

Best baby sleepers icon Vibrate. Such sounds may soothe your baby and give him or her a relaxation mood.

Best baby sleepers icon Light up. This allows free air circulation.

Blocking mechanism

This is very nice to newborn babies. A rocking motion has a soothing characteristic to your child. That is the reason you should walk away with BABYBJORN Cradle. This is an in-built feature of this product that makes it more qualified. Having it in your bedroom will never disgust you or even your child. Let your child enjoy the dreams with it near you.

The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

Mama birds love the Close and Secure Sleeper because it gives baby a soft little ‘nest’ of his own while keeping him or her close by. You can feed, soothe, monitor and bond throughout the night with the reassurance that your little one is snug, secure and safe-thanks to our Airflow design that allows air to circulate around baby. Designed to be easily portable for on-the-go convenience, you can also use the sleeper in the crib to help ease baby’s transition from your bed when he’s ready to leave your nest.

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Other important features include:

Best baby sleepers icon In-build storage to store diapers, wipes and a change of clothes.

Best baby sleepers icon Infant sleeper must be properly assembled.

Best baby sleepers icon Canopy-like to manipulate excess light.


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best baby exersaucer pros Ensure safety.

best baby exersaucer pros Offer stability.

best baby exersaucer pros Free air circulation and lights.

best baby exersaucer pros Portable.



best baby exersaucer cons Expensive.

best baby exersaucer cons At times sound and vibration can disturb a baby.

best baby exersaucer cons Bending accessories are limited.


frequently as questions

Question: is it waterproof?

Answer: There is a mattress that is “waterproof”. It comes with a mattress cover(sheet) that is removable and washable. The entire bed is not waterproof/washable.
Hope this helps. I would only look to get this bed IF you have a king size bed. We have a queen and we stopped using it after 2 weeks. No one was getting any sleep.

Question: Can it be attatch to a playpen as a napper?

Answer: I dont think so. I regret to get this. because it was too small for my baby after a few days of usage. ONLY A FEW DAYS. Then it STAYS in the closet forever.

Question: Can you put something under it to incline?

Answer: I do, because my little guy spits up alot if he is not sitting slightly up after a feeding. I tuck a blanket under it or a pillow and it works okay, but it would be better if it had a feature where you could incline it.


Final Verdict

Are you planning to have a newborn baby soon in the house? I highly recommend you for this. Getting the BABYBJORN Cradle will suit all your baby’s need. It is portable, has a blocking mechanism and ensures safety. Not only that, the product also has a sound and a vibration feature that will soothe your child. Its free circulation of air will keep your child comfortable and he or she will breathe well without problems. Do not wait any longer. Whether you have a young baby or you are expecting one purchase one.

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