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The best baby convertible car seats for the cars are really great since they can be put to use for some years hence saving on cost. These seats are adjustable with the child’s age making it quite easy for the infant care takers to have no worries on the need to purchase new car seat every year. The only problem with this seats is there big size which might not fit in some cars.

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The best baby convertible car seats for babies is Chicco NextFit seat. This seat is meant for the baby who at this time has graduated from being an infant and now they are about a year old. The child can use this convertible seat for up to four years of age as it features a range of 5lbs to 40lbs for rear-facing mode and 22lbs to 65lbs for forward-facing mode. The seat is about 49 inches tall and 19 inches wide.

Chicco NextFit seat has met all safety requirements as outlined by the National Traffic Highway Administration under Safety and also includes a frame which is reinforced with steel. This seat is easily installed as at its LATCH SuperCinch tightener strap is featured making its installation very easy. The seat’s system is more of pulley system rather than the system where the hard you to tag the tight it becomes.

best baby convertible car seats

Six positions to the rest the head and nine positions of reclining

The NextFit convertible seat has the nine possible positions of reclining to enable them fit in various vehicles with varied widths both in forward-facing and rear-facing modes. It also features six possible position of laying the head for rest with a harness which has no rethread providing more room for growth but only one tightener which you only need to pull once.

Cinch Latch Super tightener

Chicco NextFit features SuperCinch tightener with premium connectors to ensure that the LATCH is installed securely. This force-multiplying tightener of the Latch aids in ensuring that a tight fit is achieved with very minimal effort. The convertible seat has also comes with a slide path which acts as the LATCH strap repositioner especially when you are converting the seat for either forward-face from rear face.

Infant Insert

The best baby convertible car seats body has a removable support of the body which enables accommodation of newborns as light as 5lbs in weight.

A frame which is reinforced using steel

convertible car seats

Chicco NextFit seat’s frame is reinforced using steel such that it provides extra protection to the baby especially in occurrence of let’s say an accident. It also includes EPS foam which absorbs energy providing comfortability to the child. The inside of the frame has undergone impact testing in order to reinforce its superior protection.

Dual RideRight

NextFit Convertible seat is adjustable has two ride modes. The baby could face either front or back. The seat is adjustable easily to either of the modes.

Other features:

Other features of Chicco NextFit seat include: cup holder which is removable and it’s placed on either the left or right side of convertible seat, it also has integrated lock-offs for the belts to act as alternatives to the car’s seat belts.

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best baby convertible car seats In the occurrence of an accident, Chicco NextFit features steel frame which provides protection at such situations.

best baby convertible car seats The seat has both front and rear facing which you can use.

best baby convertible car seats The maximum limit in terms of weight is quite high at 65lbs which implies that it can be in use for several years.

best baby convertible car seats Due to its SuperCinch tightener, its installation is easy and quick.



baby car seats cons  Chicco NextFit seat is not easy to clean because of its cover which is quite hard to remove from the seat.

baby car seats cons  The seat is about 19” wide which is quite so wide such that cars fitted with narrow seats at the back may need to go for other options.

 baby car seats cons  Quite expensive.



best baby convertible car seats Generally, NextFit convertible seat for cars by Chicco Company is so far the best convertible seat which can be put in use for some months. Although it’s expensive, this seat can be put into use for a child as from the age of one year to as old as ten years with the tow modes either front or rear facing. Its safety features makes it worth to be spend on as you are confident of your child’s safety. With NextFit seat be sure of no disappointment but only happiness for your child.

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