Why Need Best Baby Backpack Carrier

A best baby backpack carrier is merely a big backpack like the one you use to carry your belongings’ when going to school or meant for hiking activities, but for this scenario, it is an intended baby seat that you can be carrying on your back when on outdoor activities. For parents who are addicted to outdoor activities such as hiking or just even adventurous nature walks it might be very challenging if they might be having a kid with them. There are so many alternatives a parent can use to carry their kids around, but it all depends with the distance intended to be covered on that walk instead of just leaving them with nannies or at a daycare. In this article, we have reviewed the best baby backpack carrier that will not only bring comfortability to your kid but also to you as a parent regardless of the distance covered during your hiking plans.

Why You Choosing The Best Baby Backpack Carrier?

Baby slings and baby strollers may be suitable for both long-distance walking and rough terrain journeys. With that said, best baby backpack carrier remain as the ultimate perfect options for any outdoor activities and still provide you with the comfortability you need during your trips. Kids would very much enjoy exploring the woods/mountains more than you would, therefore it is imperative for parents to let their kids enjoy and learn the benefits of hiking while they are still at their young age.

Make your kid feel treasured as being a member of the family by letting him share the same experiences and fun that all family members are enjoying. It is, however, not advisable to have kids less than eight months in a backpack carrier since at this age most kids would not be able to sit correctly by themselves plus they would also require particular attention now and then.

Infortant Thinks Before Buy Best Baby Backpack Carrier

best baby backpack carrier

I am a hiking fanatic, so I know that some things would be of importance to include in my packing list when planning out on a hiking event. There will be so much more to carry other than what your kids would require during the journey. This means I have to choose wisely the kind of a baby backpack that will be a bit multipurpose so as not to have big luggage to carry around since it might make the whole process a bit tiresome. There are so many good the best baby backpack carrier out there so it can be very challenging choosing the right type that will suit your needs.


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By inquiring from other hiking parent’s preferences as well as through my own experience, I have come up with the best baby backpack carrier that will suit every parent’s needs. Every outgoing parent should consider purchasing the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 due to the unique characteristics that make it an excellent baby backpack as compared to its counterparts in the market. We will briefly review the most impressive features that the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 has, and why you should be having one.

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Weight capacity

You should be very keen about considering the weight capacity of your baby backpack since kids proliferate. By buying a Deuter Kid, Comfort 3 backpack will save you the time and money you would have used going to look for another backpack in the future just because your kid has outgrown the one you have. This baby backpack carrier can accommodate approximately 40 pounds (18 kgs) of which this is the maximum size any baby backpack brand can hold.

best baby backpack carrier

Out of several hiking experiences,

I would very much avoid carrying any heavier luggage with me because having little weight package with me will make me enjoy the hiking event even more. Deuter Kid Comfort 3 is a lightweight backpack when empty and weighs only about eight pounds, therefore assuming carrying full capacity will still make the package bearable and will not make me tired at the end of the day.

Storage and space

Deuter Kid Comfort 3 backpack is designed with several side pockets all round to help you carry other essentials in it such as baby diapers, wipes, camera, and snacks. The most important pocket for me is the fitted zippered hydration sleeve that can at least hold 3 liters of water. Therefore your kid will not have to worry about dehydration or even carrying water bottles.

The seat height is as well adjustable even if the kid is still on the cockpit, plus a more extensive space inside where it provides more ventilation system to allow for 15% less sweating to your kid.

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Flexibility features

Unlike others, this baby backpack has side access where you can slide your child out of it by unclipping the side panel. This feature saves you the hassle of struggling to lift your kid twice as high to remove your child from above.

The backpack is designed with several (sternum & shoulder) straps that make sure your kid is safe and locked in the right places. They also have a remarkable anatomically padded 5-point harness feature whereby you are ensured of your kid’s safety even when if you accidentally stumble on the way.

baby backpack carrier


They also have a built-in canopy that is protecting your child from both direct sunshine and rain. It can also be removed easily from its zippered compartment. The backpack comes with a removable chest rest where your kid can hopefully fall asleep if he wants to.

Your kid can also enjoy the privileges of an adjustable, sturdy aluminum footrest regardless of his height that will help maintain a comfortable posture.

Its outside material has included a 3M reflector strips that will help in visibility when in low light conditions.

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best baby backpack carrier

best baby exersaucer pros Ease of use due to its adjustable features

best baby exersaucer pros High capacity storage

best baby exersaucer pros Lightweight and compact

best baby exersaucer pros Provides comfortability for both the parent and the kid

best baby exersaucer pros Durability



best baby exersaucer cons No back gear loops

best baby exersaucer cons Shallow side pockets

best baby exersaucer cons The rain cover is sold separately


Final Verdict

Deuter Kid Comfort 3 is one among the best baby backpack carrier you could ever find that has all the essential features you will need as a parent. Deuter is a reputable company that has proved competency in its outdoor activities products. This baby backpack is ergonomically designed to suit any outgoing parent to have his kid accompany them on the outdoor experiences with so much comfortability, stability, and durability and still make you feel that you being offered the actual value of what you paid for.

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